Update on EDEN

Just dropping in to give you a quick update on Eden.


RIght now, I am currently writing the scene where Adam and Eve meet up with Brutus. And, well, some pretty crazy stuff is about to go down. However, for some odd reasons, Eden is tough for me to write. I feel like I’ve set the bar pretty high, and it seems hard for me to reach it. Oh well. I’m giving it my best, and that’s all that I can do.

Here’s a blurb for Eden that I cooked up.

Note: This blurb is not final.

The end is here.

Armed with the knowledge of who he is, Adam must set forth on the task laid before him. He must seek out redemption in the only way possible: Killing Marcus Wright.

But when there’s death and betrayal within The Runners, plus Adam’s powers over Eden taking over him uncontrollably, Adam is considering running away – leaving the skeletons in his closet to rot.

So there you have it! That’s what Eden is all about! I hope to have it out within the next two weeks. I’m posting updates, and even a few excerpts from it over on my Facebook page. You can check it out by clicking HERE

That’s pretty much all I have! This post was shorter than I expected, but I have to get back to writing, anyways!

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