Name Change & Editors

So, I decided that book one in The Visitors will no longer be called The Arrival. The reason for this is because there is already a popular book called that, and the new name for it is much more awesome. What is it? That is a secret! I will tell you once I reveal the cover art for it, which will be a few weeks. I’m getting the cover art done by a professional, so I cannot wait to see what it looks like. If you guys have any cover artist’s that you suggest, comment and let me know!

Secondly, I am having The Runners edited! I am so excited, and I can’t wait for you guys to re-read them in a more elegant, less grammatically incorrect, way. The editing for The Runners wasn’t that great, but that’s because I couldn’t afford an editor, and had to do it all myself. Well, today I was approached by an editor, and she told me that she wanted to re-edit them for me, absoutly free! Free is good. Editing is good. I am very excited.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, while I was talking about The Visitors. I hit the halfway mark on book one today, and I now have a solid writing scdhule that I am sticking to! I’m going to be writing at least 10,500 words a week, so it should be finished in no time!

That’s all folks!

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