The Intruders Cover Reveal!

I’m revealing the cover for The Intruders today! Originally, I was going to have a professional do the cover. Then, I added everything up, and I was going to end up having to choose between hiring an editor, or a cover artist. So, of course, I chose to have and editor. So today, I’ve been messing around with different covers, and this one is my favorite. It looks professional, and it’s the best I’ve ever done. I’m really proud of it.

Anyways, enough of my blabbing. Here’s the cover!


So tell me, what do you think about it? As I said earlier, I love it. I’m going to finish the book by next Friday, so after that, all that’s left is editing, sending it to the betas (if you want to be a beta, just email me), and then it’s publishing time! It’ll be out by the beginning of April.

That’s all I got! Cheers!

  1. That’s great Logan, but, the hands look a little human. However, you know more about the story than I.

    Can’t wait till it comes out. 🙂

    • Glad you like it. The hands ARE human hands. There’s a reason for that, but my lips are sealed! ;P

      Can’t wait for you to read it!

    • Lyla Drew
    • March 21st, 2012

    Great cover!!! If you hadn’t told us, we would never have known it wasn’t professional 🙂 Looking forward to it’s release…..

    • Thank you! That’s what I was hoping for. The book should be out around April 6-10, so you don’t have that much longer to wait! 😀

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