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Next Generation Authors

So, I launched a new blog. It’s basically a melting pot of all things that have to do with writing, except it’s geared towards teens! It’s called Next Generation Authors, and I would love it if you checked it out, and helped spread the word about it. Us teens are the next generation of authors, so don’t you want the books that you’re going to read to be awesome? Send everybody you know to this website, and we can all help each other be the best writers we can be!


A Teenagers View on being a Self-Published Author

I thought I’d take a different route today, and not talk about my books (:O shocker, I know).

I figured that since I’m seventeen, and published, I’d give people an insight on publishing that they wouldn’t normally get: a teenagers view on Self-Publishing.

“You write books?” My friend asks.

“Yeah, I like to write,” I respond with a shrug.

“What’s one of them about?” They ask curiously. (I say “they” because this is pretty much how it goes all across the board.)

I try to think of a way to explain at least one of my books without coming off sounding cheesy. “Well, it’s about this…uhh…it’s kinda hard to explain. You’d just have to look them up.”

“Where can I find them at?”

Crap. The question I tried to avoid. “Well, they’re on Amazon.”

“So, they’re not in the library?” They say with a chuckle.

I shrug. “Nah, they’re just ebooks.”

Their eyes grow large. “Ebook?! What the hell’s an ebook? Is it one of those Kinky things?”

“No, it’s not kinky. It’s Kindle. You should probably learn what kinky means, by oh, say, reading a book.”

“I only read real books, not a Kinky book.”


“Kindle, Kinky, whatever. Anyways, do you have a publisher, or anything? Are you rich? Will you buy me some gum?”

The other question I didn’t want to answer. “No, I won’t buy you gum.” I hesitate before answering the next question. Will they think I’m a loser? Will they think I’m weird? Will they laugh me off as a nobody, and make me buy them gum? I suck it up. It doesn’t matter what they think. “I self-published.”

They look at me ‘like a calf at a new gate’, as my dad would say. “What’s that?”

I sigh. “It’s a way to get your books on the Kindle.”



“So, it’s an ebook, it’s not at the library, you can only read it on the Kinky. Explain to me again how you’re an author?”

“Well, for one of my series, I’ve had over a hundred thousand downloads!” I say, trying to recover some of my ego.

“Oh, really?” They look surprised. “That’s a lot, dude. How much money did you make?”

“Oh, well, it’s free.”

They bury their head in their hands. “Free? That doesn’t count.”

“Well, before the last book went free, I had over a thousand sells!”

“You made a thousand dollars?!”

I shrugged. Again. “Well, I only made around 350 dollars.”

“And you wont buy me any gum? You’re selfish.”

Now, that has been exaggerated maybe just a little, but that’s how I imagine that conversation going.  For us teenagers who publish, that’s how I imagine some self-published adults reacting. A little different, of course (they probably know what a Kindle is called). I imagine a virtual pat on the back, them saying “Good job, kiddo. Come back when your at least twenty, then you can be apart of our club.”

Then, I release some of my teenage angst, and tell, “Screw you, adults!” I’m kidding, of course. But sometimes I want to.

I think it’s harder for us teens who truly try and take the whole self-publishing thing seriously. We aren’t saying ‘Ohhh! Money! We could make some money!’ I couldn’t care less about the money. The only thing I want it for is so I can pay for an editor. Why do I want to pay for an editor? Because I take this stuff seriously. Back when I released The Runners, I couldn’t afford an editor, and yeah, I thought I was going to be a sensation overnight. But I soon realized that wasn’t the case, and I decided that I was going to write just because it’s what I love doing. If I don’t make any money, then who cares? I just want people to read my book. I’ve already done more than most people my age, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Now, I’m gonna switch gears really quick, and talk about something that annoys me big time: people who give me special treatment, because I’m a teen.

Seriously. Shut up.

If I wanted special treatment, I would’ve put that in the blurb. I’m a kid! Please be nice! 

Do I want people to be nice? Of course.

You wanna know what I want more than that? Honesty.

Didn’t like my book? Fine! Tell me what you didn’t like about it so I can improve. Recently, I got a two-star review for Runner. You know what the title was? Two-stars in sympathy of authors age, or something to that effect.


IF YOU THOUGHT MY BOOK WAS A ONE-STAR BOOK, THEN GIVE ME ONE-STAR. Don’t give me extra stars just because I’m young.

Another thing, I hate it when people say. It was okay since it was written by a teenager. If it was written by somebody older, I would’ve been harsher.

Listen. I want my books to seem like they  weren’t written by a teenager. PLEASE tell my HOW it seemed like it was written by a teenager so I can FIX it! All I want to do is to improve my craft. Getting special treatment isn’t going to help me AT. ALL.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got right now. I’ll probably continue this post at a later time, but it’s kinda running long as it is, and I don’t want to bore you guys.


The Intruders FREE Tomorrow and Tuesday Only!

Hey guys!

To celebrate the release of The Intruders, it will be free on Amazon tomorrow and Tuesday only! Get it for free while you can!

Click HERE! Tell your friends!

I used a lot of exclamation points!


Just Published The Intruders!

*** It’s now available on Amazon! Click HERE to download! ***


The day I’ve been waiting on since last summer has finally arrived. I just published The Intruders! I’m sooooo excited, you have no idea! I’m so happy to finally have the book in other peoples hands. Here’s the blurb:

The White House has been engulfed by the shadow of a mysterious ship. Days go by, and the aliens known as the Visitors make no contact, until one day, they leave. Suddenly the Earth goes still. Billions of people disappear at once. There’s no trace as to where that vast population has gone.

Seventeen-year-old Charlie Freeman and his cousin Alex, are two of the few left behind. While fighting for survival they join a girl named Sarah on her journey to Washington D.C. to rescue her little brother. The path they walk is riddled with the horrors, and strange creatures known as Grimms, who lurk in the shadows, killing all those who were left behind.

The Intruders is the first book in the Visitors Trilogy, and is approximately 55,500 words. The book has been professionally edited and proofread for you reading pleasure. It is a Young Adult, Action Adventure, Apocalyptic novel, and contains violence, mild language, and frightening scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

You can buy it on Amazon HERE for the low, low price of 2.99! That’s cheaper than a cup of Joe! Please share on Facebook, and tell people on Twitter about the book! I’d love you, like, forever! Also, like me on Facebook for news related to book two in the Visitors Trilogy. The title for the book is revealed at the end of The Intruders , but I’m not going to spoil it here.

Happy Reading!

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