The Enemy (Visitors Trilogy, #2)

Today, I am going to be revealing some info on the sequel to The Intruders, called The Enemy. Here’s a temporary blurb:

Charlie Freeman has been thrown into a situation that he never saw coming: in the blink of an eye, billions of people disappeared.

After the events of The Intruders, Charlie is setting off on the biggest mission of his life: getting the Delzene to save Alex’s life. But when he has no idea where he’s supposed to begin looking, he takes drastic measures.

Not only that, but the Grimms are beginning to mount an offense, which plunges the humans into a war with the Grimms. A war they cannot win.

The Enemy is coming, and they aren’t going to leave until they win. But Charlie may have the key. Everywhere he turns, he is haunted by three words: “under the ocean.”

So, you like? I like.

Speaking of likes, if you like me on Facebook, you’ll notice that I haven’t posted there in a while. I’ve been super busy, and haven’t had the time. But I promise you that I’ll soon make my return! I’ll be posting teasers for The Enemy on Facebook, so if you don’t like me already, just push that thing over there in the sidebar to your right! My Facebook peeps usually know about any news first.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal for The Enemy soon, but I’m having a hard time finding the right picture for it. If you guys know of any sites that offer free royalty free pictures, I would really appreciate it if you left me a comment, or emailed me.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for now! On a side note, I graduate on Sunday! I’m so excited! Wish me luck!

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