The Runners 2.0…?

Hey, guys.

I thought I’d reveal some plans that I have for The Runners Anthology. Yes, that’s still a thing. I know I haven’t talked much about it since I announced it a while ago. That’s because I’ve been debating doing something for it. I finally decided that I’d get your opinion. Please, leave a comment with your opinion on this matter. I really need it.

When I wrote Runner last year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought that J.K. Rowling had nothing on me and my writing.

I was sadly mistaken.

I’ve taken some…no, a lot of hits and bad reviews because of how bad my writing was from Runner-Rescued. Those reviews were probably right. I cannot read Runner-Rescued, because of how bad the writing is compared to now. The story isn’t bad, but the way I presented it is. Wake and Eden, though, I’m very proud of, and think that the writing in those two is some of my best.

This is were your opinion comes in. For The Runners Anthology, I’ve been debating wether or not I would re-write Runner, Caught, and Rescued, in order to bring the writing up to the level of Wake and Eden (or to The Enemy. Seriously, I’m so proud of it and how much better my writing has gotten even since The Intruders). Now, just so you know: THE STORY WILL BE THE SAME. EXACTLY THE SAME. So don’t be worrying that Adam’s name is going to change, or that I’m going to introduce some new characters, or anything. I’m just going to re-write it in order to flesh it out, make the dialogue better, and make it better overall. It’ll probably be longer, and better. I just want to have a product that I’m proud of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud of it, but I want a product that I know is good, not just because I’m the one who wrote it. I want The Runners to shine, and the only way to do that is to re-write Runner-Rescued. I might re-write parts of Wake and Eden, but those will stay mostly the same.

If I do it, once I’m done, the books are going to be professionally edited. I’m then going to un-publish The Runners, and re-release it as a stand alone novel simply called The Runners. I don’t want to do this though unless you guys are okay with it. As I said earlier, the story will be the same. The same people will die, the same things will happen, and it will end the same. It’ll just come in a much better package. And in paperback. Definitely in paperback. Maybe even hardback.

Anyways, I just want your opinion on this. I’m torn. I want to do it so bad, but I don’t want to upset anybody.

Thanks for reading, and please, please, please, comment.

    • Leah
    • August 24th, 2012

    Hey Logan!
    I personally, think you should go for it!
    I mean like yeah of course it was good at first but, I think it could be better if you did that. And don’t sweat it about haters their just jealous cause thier not as awesome and talented as you =) Like look at justin bieber…he has tons of haters but, he also has his fans that will always be there for him. haters make you famous 🙂 So, ignore the haters and do what you love doing. does that make since? anyways, i totally think you should go for it 🙂

    best of luck,

    • Amber
    • September 13th, 2012

    I think you should make another runners book
    You should continue from the end
    I know i would read that book and i think its great that you want to try to make a better dioluge
    P.s I love all the runner books : D

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