The Enemy: Chapter Four, and Some Updates

Right now, I’m going to post a chapter from The Enemy! It’s Chapter Four, and this is when things kick into high gear. And let me tell you, it’s at least ten chapters before things finally start to slow down again. It’s one heck of a ride! I can not wait for you guys to get your hands onto the final product, which I am working very hard on. I’m waking up early every morning, going to McDonald’s/the library to write, and not stopping until around lunch time. It’s hard, but let me tell you, I love it so freaking much.

Anyways, enough blabbering, I’m sure you guys want to hurry up and read. Here you go!

Note: This is not the final product. There’s probably some spelling/grammar errors, because I don’t edit my books until I’m done with the first draft. In other words, this is the first draft and not in any way final. Also, I’ve inserted the word SPOILER on parts that are…well…spoilers, and I don’t want you to know yet. Enjoy!


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