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Scratch That, Reverse It

You may remember awhile ago when I announced Porters, the serial I was going to write about the kids with super powers. Well, I’m un-announcing that, or rather, re-announcing it. It’s kind of taken a life of it’s own, and I’m not going to stop it.

It’s now called Powerless, and it’s what the pilot episode of Porters was supposed to be. It’s going to be released as a stand-alone novella probably in January. Before you guys freak out and are all like “Why are you writing that, when you should be writing The Enemy?”  Well, it’s because I can only write so much of one story a day, before my mind wanders to something else. I can write a lot in a day, but it’s hard for me to write a lot of one thing in a day. Plus The Enemy has gone through lots of revisions, because I want the story to be a least-sucky as possible. And as every writer will tell you, the first draft of your novel is super-sucky. So there.

Also, after I finish Visitors Trilogy, I’m probably not going to write any more novels for a while. Not forever, but just for awhile. I’m going to write novellas and serial novels, because I have a bajillion ideas in my head, and almost all of them aren’t novel length. There are a few, though, and they will be written eventually.

That’s all, folks!


Where the Heck is The Enemy?!

I know a lot of you are probably wondering this. And the answer is this: it is coming soon. I never anticipated that it would take this long to write, or else I never would’ve suggested that it’d be out sooner. Truth is, The Enemy is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever written. It’s very complex, and I’ve hit lots of roadblocks in the story. Recently, though, I’ve overcome them, and I’m back on track.

I don’t have an exact date on when it will be out, but hopefully it is by the end of the year. Granted there’s only seven weeks and a couple days left in the year, I still plan on having it out by then. The only reason why it would not be out that I can think of is if it takes a while for my editor to go through it. It will be finished by then, though.

The final book in the series isn’t going to take as long to write, though. It’s going to be amazing. The Enemy, too. Man, I wrote this scene today that is totally awesome and crazy and mind blowing in every way. I cannot wait for you guys to read it! It’s a step up from The Intruders in every way. Like, two people die within the first 20,000 words. I didn’t want them to, though. One of them I introduced towards the beginning of the novel, and had a whole back story and everything planned for them. They were going to be an awesome character.

Then they died.


I didn’t want them to, but they had to.

Anyways, that is what’s up with The Enemy. Sorry for the wait, but it’ll be totally worth it.

And for those of you wondering, The Runners Anthology is going to come out in February. That’s around the time that Eden was released, so it’ll kinda be like a one-year anniversary deal.

You may have seen that the post that I wrote for Porters was taken down. That’s because something totally awesome happened to it, and I took everything in a completely different direction. More about that, and another series I’m going to be working on when I am through with The Enemy, is coming soon.

Last but not least, if you could, go leave a review for The Intruders on Amazon. (click here) I’ve got eleven now, but I could always use more! I’d love you forever.



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