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Win a Paperback Copy of The Intruders!

That’s right! You can win a FREE Paperback copy of The Intruders! What do you have to do? All you have to do is click the enter to win  button below, sign-up for Goodreads if you aren’t already (add me as a friend!) and then wait to see if you win! The contest ends on April 15. Also, add The Intruders to your t0-read list! One last thing: on the page for The Intruders, it says that it is going to be released on April 10. However, that is not true. I had to set a date in order to list a giveaway, so I just said that one. I’ll have an official release date once I get the book back from my editor, who just started editing today.

Good luck!

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The Intruders by Logan Rutherford

The Intruders

by Logan Rutherford

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The Intruders First Draft: Done.

You guys have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to tell you this.

Just twenty minutes ago, I typed the final words of The Intruders. This is one of the greatest moments of my life. I’ve been working on this novel since last August, and the current draft since November. There’s been a lot of bumps in the road, but I’ve finally reached the end. It it’s so freaking satisfying.

The word count? 50,500 (I’m not lying. It landed on exactly that many words.)

Yes, it’s kinda short. But I told the story that I wanted to be told, and I’m not going to add a bunch more words for words sake. I’m going to go through and editing it, so the word count should grow larger, but not by much. The sequels are going to be longer, though. Especially book three, which I’ve actually foreshadowed events that take place in book three, in The Intruders.

Anyways, just thought I’d let you guys know! I’m hoping to have it to my editor by Friday, and to my beta readers sometime next week. So, the book should be out by the end of March, but most likely the very beginning of April. I’ll have a solid date soon.

The Intruders Cover Reveal!

I’m revealing the cover for The Intruders today! Originally, I was going to have a professional do the cover. Then, I added everything up, and I was going to end up having to choose between hiring an editor, or a cover artist. So, of course, I chose to have and editor. So today, I’ve been messing around with different covers, and this one is my favorite. It looks professional, and it’s the best I’ve ever done. I’m really proud of it.

Anyways, enough of my blabbing. Here’s the cover!


So tell me, what do you think about it? As I said earlier, I love it. I’m going to finish the book by next Friday, so after that, all that’s left is editing, sending it to the betas (if you want to be a beta, just email me), and then it’s publishing time! It’ll be out by the beginning of April.

That’s all I got! Cheers!

The Intruders (Visitors Trilogy, #1)

Today, I am announcing my upcoming novel, The Intruders (Visitors Trilogy, #1). You may know this novel by it’s former name, The Arrival. I have changed the name, though, and I like this one much better.

For those of you who don’t know, this is what the book is about:

It started with the mysterious Visitors, who appeared over The White House in their spaceship. Days go by with seemingly no contact, until one day, they leave. Moments later, almost everybody on Earth disappears into thin air.

Seventeen-year-old Charlie Freeman and his cousin, Alex, are two of the few left behind. While fighting for survival, they join a girl named Sarah in her quest to Washington D.C. to rescue her little brother. It should be easy, but then these mysterious creatures known as Grimm’s start showing up, and they have one goal: to kill all those who were left behind.

So yeah! That’s The Intruders! I’m hoping to reveal the cover art for it by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for that. Also, if you want to be a beta reader for The Intruders, just email me at and let me know. If you don’t know what a beta reader is, here’s the Cliff Notes. I send you the novel after it’s been edited, and before it’s released. You read it, tell me what you thought, point out any plot holes/typos (it’ll be after it has been professionally edited, so there shouldn’t be many), and things like that. I fix ’em, and then publish the book!

That’s all that I’ve got for you. Oh, almost forgot, the book should be out sometime next month. It’ll be either the beginning, middle, or end of the month. ;P


P.S. If you aren’t liking me on Facebook already, you should. I post all sorts of teasers, updates, etc, over there.

EDEN is now available!

That’s right, folks. The final installment in The Runners series is now available on Amazon! Just click HERE to get it!

It’s not free at the moment, because Amazon takes 2-3 month to make something free after you ask them to. Sorry for the wait, for those of you who aren’t going to buy it until it’s free. It’s only .99, and it’s a couple thousand words longer than Wake, so it’s worth it.

Happy Reading,

Update on EDEN

Just dropping in to give you a quick update on Eden.


RIght now, I am currently writing the scene where Adam and Eve meet up with Brutus. And, well, some pretty crazy stuff is about to go down. However, for some odd reasons, Eden is tough for me to write. I feel like I’ve set the bar pretty high, and it seems hard for me to reach it. Oh well. I’m giving it my best, and that’s all that I can do.

Here’s a blurb for Eden that I cooked up.

Note: This blurb is not final.

The end is here.

Armed with the knowledge of who he is, Adam must set forth on the task laid before him. He must seek out redemption in the only way possible: Killing Marcus Wright.

But when there’s death and betrayal within The Runners, plus Adam’s powers over Eden taking over him uncontrollably, Adam is considering running away – leaving the skeletons in his closet to rot.

So there you have it! That’s what Eden is all about! I hope to have it out within the next two weeks. I’m posting updates, and even a few excerpts from it over on my Facebook page. You can check it out by clicking HERE

That’s pretty much all I have! This post was shorter than I expected, but I have to get back to writing, anyways!

The Arrival

Hey guys!

So, today, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my upcoming novel, The Arrival (The Visitors, Book One)!

So, basically, it’s about this sixteen-year-old kid named Charlie Freeman. He’s at home one day, when he sees on the TV that a giant spaceship has appeared over the White House. The ship sits there, and does nothing. Seemingly no contact is made. Then, a couple days later, the ship disappears. Moments later, six-and-a-half billion people disappear into thin air. Now, Charlie, and his cousin Alex are trying to stay alive. These strange creatures start appearing out of nowhere. They have super-strength, and are almost impossible to kill. Their sole purpose is to kill anybody who was left behind. To make things even more complicated, Charlie and Alex meet a girl named Sarah, who is doing everything that she can to get to DC to be reunited with her little brother who was also left behind. Now Charlie, Alex, and Sarah are having to travel from Boston to Washington DC, while at the same time avoiding these strange creatures. But, they soon find out that the creatures are the least of their problems.

Yeah! That’s what The Arrival is about! I’m super excited about it. I’m 25,000 words into it right now, and I hope to have it done, edited, and published by March or April. It’s going to be an awesome book, and I hope you guys will enjoy it! As you can see, it is also book one in a series. I’m not sure how long the series is going to be. It might be a trilogy, but as I write, I am realizing that this is much bigger than I expected, so it might have to be a series of four books.

That’s all I got for you right now! I just thought that I would let you guys know what the book is about, so when I talk about it in a blog post, or a tweet, or something, you guys would know what I was talking about!

My next post is going to be some actual tips about writing, and not me running my mouth about my book!

Logan Rutherford

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